Bhakti Rose Collective December 2019 Content - Bonus Content

As we head towards Christmas and the end of the year and the end of the decade it’s a great time to take stock of where you’re at and where you’d like to be. Many of you will have seen this year I was a huge fan of the book ‘Make it Happen’ written by my dear friend Jordanna Levin. In this book Jordanna suggests that we can only do our best work in the world when we create time and space for intentions to ‘show up’. She says ‘spaces are vital to manifestation and sometimes all they need are to be small transitional moments between action steps. Transitions are just as important as the action itself.’

… and I couldn’t agree more. As I go through my own process of evaluation (2019 was HUGE for me!) I’m heartened at the areas in which I’ve done so well, and I’m filled with excitement to work on the areas I am struggling with. In both my strengths and weaknesses, I know I am doing my best and I practice acceptance without complacency. 

My team at Bhakti Rose and I have created a beautifully designed PDF to guide you through this process; it’s inspired by questions I’ve asked myself in the last few weeks and my own reflections. I invite you to work with it in digital format or print it out and go through the process yourself. May 2020 bring you and those you love peace, abundance and deep joy. 

Goal Setting for the end of a Decade: a tool to help you review 2019 effectively and look forward to 2020 enthusiastically with Katie Rose

Bhakti Rose Collective_December 2019_2019 Review & 2020 Manifestation.pdf