Bhakti Rose Collective January 2020 Content - Free

Yogi Temple Guided Relaxation

Meditation for Healing and Activism 

This is a meditation which acknowledges the Bush Fires in Australia and includes a call to action for us to collectively take notice of what we are doing to Mother Earth. 

A Lecture on Non-attachment (Vairagya)

In this lecture we really hone in on the philosophical idea of our identity, what it is that creates the illusion of self-image that we tend to cling onto. I share reflections on Michelle Obama, Biet Simpkin and Swami Vishnudevananada as well as discussing how we can all practice softening our grip on our world view and self-image conditioning. 

Oil of the Month - Frankincense 

There is a reason that the Three Wise Men took frankincense as a gift to baby Jesus when he was born in Bethlehem. It is a powerful and potent healer. Frankincense on a physical level helps heal the skin and can be good for skin conditions and elasticity. It’s useful for stretch marks and mixed with a base oil wonderful to use in pregnancy to prepare the growing belly. On an energetic level frankincense connects us to the spiritual realm. Some practitioners suggest it is an oil that can open the crown chakra (energy centre at the top of the head) and even help us connect to other realms. I personally love the fragrance of this angelic oil and hope you enjoy it too. It’s not a cheap oil but it's gorgeous and precious and worth the investment in my experience. 

We've also included some of our essential oil information sheets for you below including 'Guidelines about your oils’ and ‘Essential oils for yoga teachers’. And if you'd like to learn some more about essential oils head over to the Bhakti Rose website -

Guidelines about your oils.pdf
Essential oils for yoga teachers.pdf