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A big thanks to yogini, Aboriginal woman and all round warrior goddess Jasmin Sheppard: we did such a beautiful and inspiring interview for this month's Collective.

Jasmin Sheppard and Katie Rose

Jasmine and I are both women living in Australia, both yoga teachers, from very different backgrounds and with one common love – activism and change-making. We had a beautiful conversation in which we covered:

  •   How Jasmine’s mixed heritage as influenced her life.
  •   How Jasmine has reconciled her love for yoga and embracing its spiritual teachings with her own ancestry.  
  • What can we do as non-Indigenous yoga teachers to be more respectful of the land on which we gather and the ancestors past and present from that land.
  • Some of the surprising challenges Indigenous women face in modern Australia.  
  • Radical feminism and the role of men and women in different context (including childbirth!).
  • Jasmine’s journey of becoming a mother and her thoughts around Indigenous heritage and the cultures and ancestry her child will be born into.  

Jasmine is a yoga teacher, an activist and a professional dancer. She is also a Tagalka and Kurtjar woman, much of her creative work is politically engaged and reflects her experiences as a modern indigenous woman in a multi-cultural society. 

Yoga Activism: What is Cultural Appropriation?

This booklet gives you knowledge on what is cultural appropriation and why it matters.

Bhakti Rose Collective_February 2020_Yoga _ Activism Cultural Appropriation - Free.pdf

Oil of the Month - Grief Blend 

I’ve had a lot of benefit from using this blend myself which I started using when I got divorced last year and I was experiencing feelings of loss and grief. For me one of the main sources of grief was in spending less time with my children (because they are with their Dad half of the time) and especially missing out of family time all together. My hopes for co-parenting amicably have not been as easy as I had dreamed (although I still have hope for the future) … and grief and letting go have had to be part of this. This blend of three oils came to me one evening and I’ve found it to be potent. I’ve since recommended it to a couple of my ayurveda clients, one of who is grieving the recent unexpected loss of her father. The feedback has been powerful. Whatever grief you are experiencing in your life, whatever it is you need to let go of, this blend will support you. 

  • Vetiver 
  • Sweet Orange
  • Rosemary 

Blended in equal quantity for a diffuser, oil burner or massage blend (in base oil). There is something about this blend that is greater than the sum of the parts. It's been filling my house for weeks now and I can’t get enough of it. The vetiver is so grounding and stabilising, anchoring strong emotions into steadiness. Sweet orange is exactly as the name describes, sweet, kind and light in its vibration. The rosemary adds clarity and cuts through stickiness and stuckness. This blend is powerful for letting go and sitting in strong emotions without reacting or spiralling into overwhelm. 

We've also included some of our essential oil information sheets for you below including 'Guidelines about your oils’ and ‘Essential oils for yoga teachers’. And if you'd like to learn some more about essential oils head over to the Bhakti Rose website -

Guidelines about your oils - Free.pdf
Essential oils for yoga teachers - Free.pdf

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