Bhakti Rose Collective August 2020 Content - Free


Namaste Goddesses! 

This month the focus is all about gut health and digestion. In ayurveda digestion is not only about digesting the food you eat it’s also focused on digesting what goes into your body and mind in terms of all the senses - what you watch and see, listen to, what you put on your skin (beauty products etc.) as well as the food you eat and the fragrances (essentail oils!) you surround yourself with. We are constantly ‘digesting’, often somewhat unconsciously. So my suggestion this month would be to become more aware of what goes ‘in’. 

In terms of gut health my little four year old has struggled with gut health challenges since he was born and we’ve had some amazing results with him this year, big improvements which I credit largely to the protocol I’m sharing with you this month. I hope it’s helpful to you - it worked for us slowly, steadily and sustainably. I’d love to hear your feedback if you have some gut health healing to do yourself and of course as always please feel free to share this information with your communities and families. 


RESOURCE LIST (the following products are mentioned this month):

Bliss Elixir for organic ayurveda herbs including triphala

Bhakti Blends digestion tea

DoTerra Fennel and / or Digest Zen essential oils, you can order these through Bhakti Rose just email us [email protected] for wholesale discount on these therapeutic grade sustainable sourced magical oils.

Orchard St belly drops